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The online pages (listed in the window to the left) and two additional geology resource pages were created as supplemental classroom-based curriculum lessons to the BioSITE* program field days, and general 4th Grade Earth Science curriculum standards. They can be of use to others not involved in BioSITE as well, as ‘virtual field trips.’  These pages review and extend concepts taught in the field at BioSITE, and specifically target California State Science standards for grade 4 in related Life and Earth Science strands.

At the bottom of each web page you will find teaching and student resources. Students can use them as self-guiding tools as they explore each page. Vocabulary words and scientific terminology are introduced. How scientists study the environment, collect data, and communicate their findings are depicted. In the Teachers’ Guides, questions of inquiry are posed for class discussion, brainstorming, and further research, as well as background material.

These follow-up lessons are designed to help prepare 4th graders for the Science CST, cultivate additional scientific curiosity, and hopefully reinforce a feeling of stewardship for their local environment. The photos were shot at the Guadalupe Creek study sites (unless noted).

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*BioSITE is an environmental educational program created by the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose through the auspices of the Santa Clara Water District, under the direction of Sandra Derby.