School Rules & Policies

Behavior & Discipline Policy:

Shortly after school begins you will receive our School wide behavior plan along with Almaden’s Student/Parent Handbook. In addition, your child will bring home the rules for his/her classroom. Please take time to discuss these plans with your child so that all will be informed about the process. If you have any questions, please notify the teacher. We know that student safety and proper behavior are important to everyone.

Almaden practices positive discipline, advanced through our Peace Builders Program, coordinated by the school Drop Out Prevention (DOP) counselor, Mr. Javier Chavez. Part of the Peace Builders Program includes a role for students to help mediate playground disputes. These students, called “Peace Coaches,” are provided training for this purpose. Classroom and school rules (Classroom Discipline Plans) are discussed between students and teachers, and posted in each classroom. Infractions result in a warning, time-out and then a call home. Serious infractions will involve parents, the school DOP and/or the Principal, and a student behavior contract. Suspension or expulsion can occur per the District Policy and Education Code.

Morning Drop Off & Afternoon Pick Up:

Parents are asked to follow the established traffic pattern through the school driveway in dropping their children off. Traffic congestion caused by automobiles and buses on Dentwood Drive can create extremely hazardous conditions for our students. Please be aware of and strictly adhere to the Pick-up and Drop Off curbside areas. It would alleviate congestion if you arrived to pick up your child 5 or 10 minutes after the dismissal bell. Please do not use the Staff parking lot and do not use the yellow zone in front of the school office since it is used by busses. Please be considerate and do not block the driveway or the driveways of our neighbors. Student and teacher crossing guards monitor the intersection of Dentwood and Ayrshire, and in front of the school parking lot.

Visitors & Volunteers:

Almaden welcomes school volunteers and visitors. Visitors and volunteers may park in the school parking lot or on the street along the perimeter of the school. All visitors must sign in at the school office and display a visitor’s pass while at Almaden.

Absence & Illness:

Students follow district policy for absence, illness or tardiness, as explained in the Student/Parent & Staff Information Handbook. The regular and punctual attendance of students is expected, encouraged, and as necessary, enforced. If your student is out sick, please call the school by 10:30am to report the illness at 535-6207. The California Education Code and the Welfare and Institution Code provide that legal action may be taken against a student and/or parent when a student is truant. All absences must be verified within 5 school days. Verification is accepted only from doctors, other medical professionals, parents or guardians, either by note, by telephone, or fax. If a student is absent more than 10% of the school days it is considered excessive.


It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children arrive at school on time every day. Any child who is tardy must report to the office for a pass before going to class. When a child is tardy, he/she disrupts the class as he/she walks in late. We will be in close contact with parents of children who are regularly tardy in hopes of changing this unacceptable pattern. Tardiness is considered to be 10 minutes after the bell has rung. It is at the discretion of the teacher, and explained at the beginning of the school year. For a fuller explanation of these issues, please see the San José Unified School District Student/Parent & Staff Information Handbook.

Lost & Found:

The school Lost & Found is located near the door to the Cafeteria.

Uniform Policy:

All students must come to school every day in the basic school uniform of navy blue, forest green or white polo shirt, twill shorts or pants in either navy or khaki, or girls may wear a blue or plaid skirt or jumper. “My uniform is dirty” is not a legitimate excuse for coming to school out of uniform. It is the students’ responsibility to have their uniform ready each day.

Examples of inappropriate clothing include blouses that expose the stomach, very short shorts, extremely baggy pants, and clothing that displays vulgar words or pictures.

Hats are not allowed in San Jose Unified School District except for medical reasons, such as sun allergy. If you wish your student to wear a hat while outside, please send a note to school.