Valet Parking

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Valet Parking Reminder

This year we have started valet drop off and valet pick up in the front parking lot.  So far it has gone fantastic. It has increased the safety for our students and decreased parent wait time while waiting for our students.

Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe and keep the line moving smoothly

·    If you will be doing valet, make sure you tell your child to meet you at the grass valet area under the shady tree (by the front office)

·    No cars may be left unattended.  Drivers must remain in their car.

·    Have your child load and unload from the right side only.

·    If your child still uses a car seat or booster, place to car seat or booster on the right side.

·    Please no texting or talking on the cell phone while driving through the valet line or parking lot.

·    Place your car in park while waiting to avoid student injury.

·    As your entering and exiting the valet line, please drive slowly for student safety.

·    If you need to walk in to the office or speak to the teacher, please park in a designated parking space.

·    Please make sure to use the crosswalks for crossing to the other side of the street.     

·    Please remember to drive carefully, slow down, be alert, and be ready to stop. Be

·    Please be mindful that there could be children that sometimes cross the street suddenly