Instructional Programs

SEI (Sheltered English Immersion)
The goal of this program is to provide Integrated English Language Development (ELD) instruction at each student’s appropriate English proficiency level. The teachers modify their instruction to make the core content comprehensible for English Learners. Teachers employ strategies using Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) to help students maintain grade level competency while students acquire English as quickly as possible and make progress towards reclassification. Native speakers and reclassified English proficient students serve as English language role models for their English learner peers. The instructional design consists of a critical amount of English Language Development. The focus of all lessons for English Learners in SEI should include language development in addition to academic content. Students also receive primary language support when necessary and available to facilitate English acquisition and academic progress.

TWBI (Two Way Bilingual Immersion)
The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion program integrates Spanish-speaking English Learners, English- speaking Spanish Learners, and bilingual students who are classified as “proficient” in English based on the CELDT. Both the native Spanish speakers and the native English speakers serve as language models to each other in a TWBI classroom. Class rosters are created each year with particular attention to the numbers of native English and Spanish speakers in each room to ensure the appropriate balance of language role models for proper program implementation. Students will remain enrolled in the TWBI program, and do not need to reapply annually. All students in this program receive instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics in Spanish in the primary grades and receive English Language Development daily. TWBI’s program design delineates the percentage of time in each language. All TWBI classrooms are expected to adhere to the guidelines of the respective grade levels for full implementation.