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(408) 535-6270

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Prep Period: 2

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Mrs. Vinyard

Welcome to my room and to this eighth grade Social Studies class.  I love U.S. History.  More importantly, I love America and what her story has grown to mean to me.  I want my students to learn American History but I also want them to learn what it means to be a citizen of this great country.  I want all students to develop skills beyond the content area.  Therefore, my lessons will include exercises in communicating, logical thinking, independent working as well as group participation and research.  During the course of this year your student may be asked to go out of their comfort zone to learn about America’s history.  They may be asked to go to the library, research a certain topic or create work that they think is beyond their talents or abilities.  I hope I can give them the confidence and the tools they need to stretch their imagination and use the resources available to them to accomplish great things this years!

Binder and paper
Red pen or pencil
Two writing pens—blue or black ink only
Two number two pencils ~or~
A mechanical pencil with extra lead
Colored pencils
Colored markers
A box of KLEENEX as a donation to the classroom

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