Support Services for Teen Parents

Support of young parents is essential to the success of this program and the future education and health of the young infants and toddlers who participate in the program. Instruction and classes on what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, newborn care as well as nutrition and social – emotional development are all a part of this comprehensive program.  In addition, Broadway staff work with young family members to understand the importance of education and to help them earn credits toward graduation.

Following are just some of the agencies and organizations we work with to ensure that the needs of our teen parents and their children are met.

Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)
Case Management services for expectant and parenting teens, 18 years or younger, who choose to enroll.

Cal-Learn Program:
Subsidizes “Early Education” services for teen parents receiving cash aid. Case management services for expectant teens and teen mothers or fathers receiving cash aid (CalWORKs). This is a mandatory program.  Provides cash incentives for graduation.  Additional assistance includes childcare, transportation and other ancillary items.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Network:
A collective of public and private agencies that coordinate prevention services for expectant and parenting teens.

Legal Advocates for Children and Youth (LACY)
Free legal advice and representation for teens. Assist with child custody and child support.

Quality Matters

FIRST 5 of Santa Clara:
Offering funding for programs for prenatal to five-year-olds including intensive home visitation and school readiness initiatives.

Early Head Start

Planned Parenthood - Teen Success Program:
Teen parent support group

Young Families Program Policies

The following policies are intended to help us provide a safe and supportive environment, where young children can grow and develop at their own pace, while their parents attend school and work toward graduation.  Failure to obey these policies may result in loss of privilege to use the school child care services.

1. All enrollment and emergency forms must be on file BEFORE a child can be left in the CD Center.

2. Children should remain in the CD Center while on campus.  Admission is restricted to parents and authorized school staff.  Friends MAY NOT visit the center.

3. Parents must sign children “in” and “out” every day.  Parents must notify CD staff is someone else will be taking the child home.  Parents must be on campus or on a school sponsored activity when children are in the CD Center (example: field trips, CCOC).

4. Parents must label all belongings, bottles, and food.  Items should be stored in the appropriate places.  Parents are encouraged to bring a change of clothes for children.  Staff will make efforts to insure the safety of items, but the school is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property.  Teens may NOT leave purses and other items in the CD Center for staff to watch.

5. Breastfeeding is encouraged and supported.  Mothers wishing to breastfeed will be called from class if needed.  Quiet areas for nursing are available in the CD Center.

6. Parents are asked to keep sick children at home.  If a child gets sick at school, the parent will be called from class and asked to make arrangements to take the child home or have an authorized person pick up the child.  Medications must be in original containers with the names of the child, the doctor, the medication, and directions.  Parents will be called from class to give medications or must leave a written note authorizing staff to give medication along with a medication consent form signed by the child’s doctor.

7. In case of accident or injury, first aid will be given.  Parents will be called immediately for serious injuries, and notified at the end of the school day for minor scratches or bumps.  An “OUCH Report” will be completed, signed by the staff and Program Director, and a copy given to the parent.

8. Staff are responsible for the safety of all children in the CD Center.  Children are not permitted to harm others or create unsafe play conditions for themselves or others.  Positive behavior modification will be used if discipline is needed with older children, and parents will be informed.  No chewing gum, coins, or other materials that might be harmful to children or to the center are allowed.  No toys or clothing that promote gang activities or violence are allowed.  Items, behaviors, and logos banned by the school dress and behavior codes are also banned for children and teens in the CD Center.  Parents are expected to be polite and considerate to staff, volunteers, and each other.  The CD Center is NOT a place for arguments, loud words, or foul language.

Infant/Toddler Center Policies

About Infant/Toddler Center

Early Education Philosophy
The Young Families Infant/Toddler Program follows a child-centered approach to early care and education.  We incorporate the approaches of the Program for Infant/Toddler Caregivers (PITC) with a Creative Curriculum approach.

We believe that early childhood care and education should be based on relationship planning instead of lesson planning, and emphasize child-directed learning over adult-directed learning.

We believe the setting for care is critical and environments that ensure safety, offer infants appropriate developmental challenges, and promote optimum health for children are optimal. An equally important program component is the strengthening of the child’s developing family and cultural identity by making meaningful connections between childcare and the child’s family and culture.

Child 1 Child 2

Young Families Attendance Policies

You are first and foremost a Broadway student.  Follow ALL Broadway High School rules and regulations.

Regular attendance is essential to your success and continued progress in school.  Arrive no later than 7:45 a.m. to get your child ready for the day.  Period 1 starts at 8:25 a.m.  Students are to leave the Infant/Toddler Center by 8:20 a.m. in order to get to class on time.  Tardies will not be excused for parents who did not arrive in a timely manner to complete the morning drop of routine.  Excessive and/or chronic absences may result in a loss of your place in the program and your child’s placement in the Infant/Toddler Center may be given to another student.

Please keep the YFP Staff informed of any problems you are experiencing that may affect your school attendance.

Reporting Absences/Tardies
Phone the Young Families Program at (408) 535-6216, by 8:15 A.M., when you or your child will be absent or late.  An answering machine is available 24 hours a day – Please speak clearly when leaving a message.  If a phone call is not possible, a note signed from your parent/guardian must be given to the YFP office staff on the day you return.  The note should include your full name, date of absence, and the reason for your absence.  ALL absences 3-days or longer require a note from your medical provider.

If either you or your child becomes ill during the school day, you must obtain permission from a parent/guardian to leave school.

Appointments should be made for after school hours.  Dismissal at Broadway is early enough to allow for after school appointments.  Wednsday dismissal is at 11:52.  This allows for even more time to make appointments without missing school.


  • You must attend all of your classes.
  • Maintain at least a “C” average. 
  • Make satisfactory, continued progress in accumulating credits towards graduation. 

Student parents are responsible for obtaining and making up any work missed as a result of breastfeeding, illness, or appointments that fall during the school day.


Young Families Program Referral doc.

Young Families Program

Mission Statement

The Cal-SAFE Young Families Program promotes school achievement for teen parents and school readiness for the children of teen parents by enhancing the social and cognitive development of all children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services.

Young Families

The Young Families Program serves expectant and parenting teens and their children who reside within the San Jose Unified School District. Inter-district transfers are also available to students from the Campbell Union High School District who are interested in attending Broadway and participating in the Young Families Program. Students must meet the SJUSD inter-district transfer guidelines.

The Infant/Toddler Center at Broadway serves children from newborn to five years of age. Expectant and parenting students are given access to a variety of support services including academic and vocational counseling, pregnancy education, health and social services, guidance and counseling. Services are offered in both the community and in school settings throughout the year.

The primary source of referrals to the Young Families Program is through school nurses and attendance counselors but anyone can make a referral to the program. To make a referral please complete the referral form and return to the Young Families Program office.