Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

A responsible Burnett student wears an appropriate uniform every day.  Comments such as “my pants are in the wash” or “my shirt is dirty” are not legitimate excuses for being out of uniform. The only exception is if the student has earned a “Free Dress Day.”

All clothing must be work appropriate and as designed. Not all clothing expectations have been listed below; anything that poses a disruption to the learning environment or is a safety concern shall not be allowed, even if it is not listed on below.

The following are all prohibited: clothing or accessories that may be gang-related, sexually suggestive, sports team attire, or anything referring to substances.


• Shirts must be solid green, white, gray, or black.
• College t-shirts for which the primary shirt color is green, white, gray, or black are also acceptable.
• School-sponsored shirts are permitted.
• Jerseys are not permitted.


• Sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets must be white, gray, green, or black OR a combination of those colors. Logos must also be white, gray, green or black.
• White, gray, green or black college sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets are permitted.
• Hoods may be worn on cold/wet days only (outside of class).
• When weather permits, rain coats may be any color with the exception of red or blue.


• Students may wear SOLID gray, khaki (tan), or black pants, joggers, leggings, shorts, skirts, sweats.
• Pants and shorts must be hemmed: no staples, pins, rubber bands, or tape.
• Pants, shorts and skirts must fit and be worn at the waistline.
• Pants and shorts must not have holes or rips.
• Sagging is not permitted and undergarments should not be visible.


• Shoes, socks, belts and accessories may not have any shades of red or blue on them.
• Shoes that have the following are prohibited:  open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and shoes with sports team logos
• Accessories that are prohibited: hats, chains, gloves (inside a building), and excessive belt hangings.  Jewelry must not distract from learning
• Accessories deemed inappropriate for the learning environment must be removed at request.


• Backpacks can be any color except any shade of blue or red.
• Backpacks cannot have sports team logos or excessive writing.


• Students may wear any color except any shade of blue or red.
• Students may not wear clothing with rips or holes.
• Sagging is not permitted and undergarments should not be visible.
• All backpack and accessory uniform policies remain in effect.

School Uniform Policy