Safety and After hours security

To report suspicious activities after hours, please call the Central Station at (408) 278-6923

In case of fire or smoke, call 911

Please make sure you pick-up or drop-off your student(s) at the indicated areas only.  It is important you pull your car over to the side of the street before you let your child in or out of the car.  It is not safe to allow your child to get into or out of the car when you are still in the middle of the street. For the safety of our children, do not have your child illegally cross the street.  All students are expected to use the crosswalk and respect our neighbors property.  Last, please do not make illegal u-turns.  Making illegal u-turns block traffic and endangers the life of pedestrians.

Thank you for adhering to the rules and helping to keep our children safe.

Resolving Issues and Concerns