Fall Recess Closure

All SJUSD sites will be closed from 9/29 -10/3 for Fall Recess;
Todas las escuelas y oficinas del Distrito estarán cerradas del 9/29 al 10/3 por las vacaciones de otoño.


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Principal’s Message

Principal Barbara Keesaw with StudentsReport Card Information:  As SJUSD makes the shift to the Common Core State Standards with the rest of the nation, our grading system and report cards are changing to reflect that shift.

To better support parents in understanding these shifts in grades and report cards, the following information is provided:  [Teachers will be able to further address parent questions during scheduled conference meetings.]

It is important to note:

  • Standards mastery is based on end-of-year expectations.
  • Our report cards look very similar for all grades because the domains are the same K-5.
  • Report cards are organized by domain and they are standards based.

Language Arts: Kindergarten through 5th Grade report cards are almost identical.  Many grade levels look the same because the domains for K-5 are the same.

Math:  K – 5 is organized by content-specific domains and clusters. The Common Core State Standards for Math is broken down by grade level. There are new standards based on mathematical practices.

Social Studies and Science: These sections are based on the 1997 CA content standards.  Report cards remain the same in these areas, and will be adjusted when new standards are released.

English Language Development: These report cards remain the same.

Remember: Standards mastery is based on end-of-year expectations.

For all grades, the standards based grading remains the same as was used on the old report cards.

End-of-Year Standards Mastery Grades TK-3:

3= At or Exceeds Grade Level Standard
2= Approaching Grade Level Standard
1= Below Grade Standard

End-of-Year Standards Mastery Grades 4-5:

4= Exceeds Grade Level Standard
3= At Grade Level Standard
2= Approaching Grade Level Standard
1= Below Grade Level Standard

End-of-Year Standards Mastery

If…A student is academically on-target at the end of Reporting Period 1…
Then…That student should receive a 2 – Approaching Grade Level Standard – on his/her report card in November.


Thank you for supporting your child[ren] in attending school every day and for getting them to school on time.  If your child[ren] will/do miss school for any reason, please call the ATTENDANCE LINE - PHONE #: 287-6316 to excuse their absence.  This is a message only line.  If you need to talk to someone in the office, please call 535-6391. Thank you for your continued efforts to support your child[ren] in learning the important skills of consistent attendance and punctuality.


At Canoas we recognize the importance of parent involvement in the education of all our students, and we invite and welcome you to actively partner with us on our campus.  For the safety of all our students, all parents and other persons wishing to volunteer in classrooms or around the campus must be fingerprinted and receive a TB test.  Please see Canoas Secretary, Marlene Fortin for a Volunteer packet. REMINDER:  ALL parents, volunteers, student teachers, non-Canoas staff, and any other persons on the Canoas campus during school hours MUST sign in and out at the main office EVERY time they are on campus.  No exceptions.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Read
  1. Read aloud to your child.
  2. Attend AR nights with your child.
  3. Make a special time for everyone in the family to read at least once a week.
  4. Listen to your child read.
  5. Take your child to the public library and check out a book.
  6. Make reading a reward.
  7. Be a reading role model.
  8. Have your child cook with you and read you the recipe.
  9. Read a book as a family and then watch the movie.
  10. Have a Saturday morning Read–In.  [Everyone stays in their pajamas and reads together in bed for an hour.]

Open Office Hours:
Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone#: 408-535-6391
Attendance#: 408-266-6283
Fax#: 408-265-4126



Canoas Students are Safe, Organized, Achieving Goals, and Respectful!
Our vision is to provide an equitable, supportive and collaborative academic environment that fosters high achievement, and promotes a belief in one’s self , which ignites an enthusiasm for learning.