Fund Raisers

Throughout the year, various fund raisers are sponsored by the Home and School Club and Canoas Elementary.

Canoas Elementary

eScrip: This program is no cost to families and friends who register. By going to and registering your grocery cards (Safeway, PW, etc) and your credit or debit cards, a portion of your purchase goes directly to Canoas Elementary. It is an easy way to support our school. It costs nothing to join, and no special cards are needed. For more information please go to eScrip website.

Home and School Club

Jamba Juice Thursday Fundraiser has been a huge success!!!
Special Thanks to Norie Panganiban for setting up this fundraiser. Fundraising money is going to science camp for the Fifth graders. We have not had to invest any money or time; Jamba Juice has supplied the resources and man power. Oh, how delicious has this been...

Family Favorites Fundraiser
(A.K.A. Cookie Dough and Wrapping Paper sales)
Great Job, to everyone on making this years Fundraiser such a success. Our goal was $7000.00 this year. Without everyone pitching in we would not have reached these kinds of numbers.