School Site Council

Our next School Site Council meeting will be October 23, 2017 at 2:15pm in the Canoas Library.

All schools that receive federal and state categorical funding must establish a school site council.  The School Site Council is a decision-making committee that oversees the Single Plan for Student Achievement and corresponding categorical budgets.

School Site Council is comprised of 10 members.  Five members are representatives of the school and 5 members are parent representatives.  Teacher representatives and parent representatives are elected by their peers [teachers elect teachers, parents elect parents].  Canoas Second Language Advisory Board [SELAC] has voted to have a member from the SELAC board represent SELAC as a member of the SSC.

2016-2017 School Site Council Members
Open-Parent – Chairperson
Michael Manning, Parent – Vice Chairperson
Erica Rivas, Parent – SELAC Representative
Tiffany Nivan, Parent
Marnie Bratton-Ritchie
Francico Astorga, Teacher
Juanita Locker, Teacher
Julia Carpentieri, Teacher
Brandi Stewart, Teacher
Barbara Keesaw, Principal