Accelerated Reader

Carson School participates in the Accelerated Reader Enterprise (AR) program, a web-based program designed to encourage reading.

Starting in first grade, students are given the opportunity to select and read books of their choice. They then take an online quiz which tests their reading comprehension and recall through a series of multiple-choice questions. A successful score of higher than 80% will earn points for the student. The program will keep track of each student's progress throughout the school year, and the school holds regular assemblies to acknowledge students' progress. Appropriate goals are set for each student to encourage them to reach their highest potential.

Accelerated Reader helps motivate students by providing instant reinforcement for their efforts. By reading books appropriate to their reading level students will experience success as readers, rather than frustration. AR books can be found in the school library, each labeled according to reading level.

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader (pdf)

Parent's Guide to AR Bookfinder (pdf)

Parent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect (pdf)