First Grade

What Your Child Should Know When Entering 1st Grade

  • Count by ones, fives and tens to 100.
  • Understand the use of one-to-one correspondence in counting (i.e., counting one object per number.)
  • Recall simple addition and subtraction facts with answers up to 10.
  • Understand that clocks are used to measure the passing of time.
  • Identify and write upper- and lowercase letters from A to Z.
  • Understand that letters can be combined to make different sounds.
  • Summarize or retell a story that you have read to him or her.
  • Write his or her first and last name.
  • Name the days of the week and months of the year.
  • Follow classroom rules and take turns.
  • Correctly hold a pencil or crayon.
  • Cut with scissors along a straight line.

First Grade Supply List (pdf)

High Frequency Words (pdf)