School Policies

Please refer to the Student & Parent Information Handbook, published by San Jose Unified School District, for details about district policies and procedures.

School Uniforms

Carson is a uniform school—all students must be dressed in the approved school uniform each school day. The uniform policy is included in the handbook. Click the links below to learn more about Carson’s uniform policy.
Carson Uniform Policy, Normas de uniforme de Carson En español

SJUSD Nutrition Policy

The SJUSD Board of Education has established a Nutrition Policy aimed at addressing the long-range health and eating habits of students.  The District Policy states that “...classroom celebrations should occur after the last lunch period and are limited to no more than one per class per month when non-nutritious foods are served.”  The policy also states that homemade goods are not allowed for treats or at class parties.  Please keep this in mind when planning class celebrations with our staff this year.  The complete Nutrition Policy is available on the SJUSD website at For a list of health snacks, visit

Bus Transportation

SJUSD charges an annual fee for bus transportation. Elementary students are eligible if their residence address is more than 1.8 miles from the assigned school site.  Discounts are available for families with more than one child, and for families who qualify for the free/reduced price lunch program.  You may call the SJUSD Transportation Department at (408) 535-6185 if you have any questions. (Refer to the SJUSD Handbook for additional information about transportation, including conduct on school buses.)

No Dogs Allowed

To ensure the safety of our students, please do not bring your dog on campus before, during, or after school. Even the most well-behaved dog can be unpredictable when surrounded by a crowd of children.


Please review bicycle safety with your student before allowing him/her to ride a bike to school. Students must wear a helmet and bring a lock to secure their bike to the rack. The school does not assume responsibility in the event of theft/vandalism.

Hot Lunch Program

SJUSD Student Nutrition Services serves meals in the cafeteria each school day. The price for lunch is $2.75 per day, or $27.50 for 10 prepaid lunches with 1 bonus meal.

The best way to handle payment is to deposit money into your child’s school meal account through the district’s easy and secure online prepayment service.  From the SJUSD website go to “Directions for Parents.”

Advance payment can alos be sent to the classroom, given directly to the cafeteria server, or delivered to the school office. Please make your check payable to SJUSD Food Services; and put your child’s name, teacher’s name, and number of lunches purchased on the check.

Advance payments can also be sent to the classroom, given directly to the cafeteria server, or delivered to the school office.  Make checks payable to SJUSD Food Services; and put your child’s name, teacher’s name and number or lunches purchased on the check.

(Note: Free and reduced price lunches are available for those who qualify based on family income and size. Qualified families must complete an application each year (one is mailed to all families prior to the opening of school). Applications are also available from the cafeteria server.)

Milk for Sale at Lunch

Students who bring a lunch from home can purchase milk for $0.50 in the cafeteria.


In order to minimize disruptions, please avoid calling the school office to have a message relayed to your child. It may be helpful to review your daily schedule with your child before he/she leaves for school. In an emergency, we will deliver a message to a student; but we thank you for only using this service when absolutely necessary.

Telephone Use

Telephones are reserved for school business. To avoid student requests to use the phone, please take care of issues such as lunch money, homework, and after school arrangements before your child arrives at school. Students will only be allowed to use the telephone in case of unforeseen circumstances or an emergency.

Cell Phones

Per SJUSD policy, students may have a cell phone (NOT a camera phone) while at school. The cell phone must be turned off and concealed in the student’s backpack during school hours. If the cell phone is seen or used during school, the phone will be confiscated and returned only to a parent.

Personal Property

Students are not to bring balls, toys, trading cards, and/or electronic devices (other than cell phones—- see above) to school. In addition, we request that parents discourage children from bringing valuable items (i.e. expensive school supplies and large amounts of money) to school. The school is not responsible for personal items brought to school.

Personal Sale/Trade of Articles

Students are not allowed to sell/trade anything to other students at school or on the bus.

Emergency / Fire / Earthquake Drills

The school schedules emergency/fire/earthquake drills regularly to instruct students and staff in emergency procedures. Please talk with your child about the importance of following the procedures outlined by school staff during a drill or actual emergency.

School Pictures

School pictures are taken twice each year. For school identification purposes, all students will be photographed in the fall dressed in school uniforms. Class photos are also taken in the fall. Parents may order and prepay for photos using the order form provided.

A second school photo day is scheduled in the spring. At that time, school uniforms are optional and you will be able to view the photographs before deciding which ones you would like to purchase. Watch the Monday Envelope for order forms and additional information.

Classroom Parties

Room parents organize class parties in cooperation with the classroom teacher. Celebrations must adhere to the District Nutrition Policy (see above). Parents may be asked to donate a small amount of money at the beginning of the year to cover the cost of class parties. You will receive more details from the teacher.


We request your cooperation in following these guidelines:
# SJUSD’s New Nutrition Policy limits the number of class celebrations, so individual birthday treats can not longer be offered.  Check with your child’s teacher to see if a non-food item (such as a book) can be donated to the class or a token prize (like a pencil) given to classmates to celebrate your child’s birthday.  Please check with the teacher.
# Birthday invitations may only be passed out at school if every child in the class receives one.
# Please do not have commercial deliveries (i.e. balloons, flowers) sent to school for your child.

Lost and Found

Lost & Found clothing will be kept on a table outside the cafeteria; smaller items (i.e. jewelry, money, glasses) will be held in the office. The Lost and Found is purged periodically items not claimed will be donated to a charitable organization. Please write their child’s name on all personal articles, parent volunteers and school staff will make every effort to return labeled clothing, lunch bags, backpacks, etc., to their rightful owners.

Damage Fees

Library books, textbooks, materials, and school property must be cared for by students. Fees will be assessed for loss or damage of school property. Please be aware that a single textbook can cost as much as $50. Student report cards may be held if textbooks have not been returned.