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Customer Service Resolution

Resolution 2007-10-12-02 Customer Service

WHEREAS,  San Jose Unified’s primary objective is student achievement and we look to all stakeholders for support in this effort and;

WHEREAS,  the San Jose Unified School District is focused on results in the form of explicitly measurable outcomes and;

WHEREAS, parents, students and community are the primary motivation for our work, not an interruption of our work, they are our primary focus and we value staff, parents and community in supporting us in our work, they bring us their needs and concerns, our primary objective is to satisfy them as best we can and;

WHEREAS, we consider language and cultural diversity an asset to our organization, we provide our parent community access to information by offering oral interpretation and written translation as often as we can and whenever possible and;

WHEREAS, we believe in being responsible for providing meaningful feedback to our students, staff and parents, reinforcing the high quality of services we provide, acknowledging a sense of urgency about the quality of our customer service, valuing our customers and demonstrating respectful behavior and;

WHEREAS, all employees are responsible for using best hiring procedures, developing a team-oriented work environment, maintaining a partnership with our customers and suppliers, and establishing positive community relations, living our “mission” while keeping our promises and;

WHEREAS, appearance and professionalism are valued,we believe that we are all equals, and it is our expectation that our work will at all times be based on courtesy and respect;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Governing Board of the San Jose Unified School District declares its endorsement of our goal to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

PASSED AND ADOPTED unanimously by the governing Board of the San Jose Unified School District this 12th day of October, 2006 by the following vote:



Richard Garcia,
President Governing Board

Don Iglesias, Superintendent
Secretary, Governing Board