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Induction Program

San Jose Unified School District is proud to offer generous opportunities for a fully funded clear-credential program for new teachers.

San José Unified School District has a commission-approved Induction program through which teachers holding a Multiple Subject Preliminary, Single Subject Preliminary or Education Specialist Preliminary credential can earn a clear California credential. 

Program Purpose

The purpose of SJUSD’s Induction Program for newly credentialed teachers is to

  • Clear preliminary credentialed teachers
  • Increase student achievement
  • Retain credentialed teachers Improve implementation of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, California K-12 Common Core State Standards, and State/Board Adopted Texts

The program creates a supportive learning environment in which participating teachers learn from and with experienced educators, feel safe to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to their classroom practice, and reflect upon their teaching to become consciously aware of effective instructional practices.

Program Design

The Induction Program is a two-year job embedded program of professional development that consists of mentoring, formative assessment, reflection, and structured professional development.  Trained support providers serve as a coach and mentor in the reflective process of formative assessment to improve teaching practice and increase student achievement.

Each teacher who participates in SJUSD’s Induction Program will have multiple opportunities to learn and demonstrate knowledge and understanding necessary to meet the Induction Program Standards and CSTPs California Standards for the Teaching Profession in order to be recommended for a Professional Clear Credential.