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Wellness Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Food @ School: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the district nutrition policies and administrative regulations?

A: The district nutrition guidelines are Board Policies and Administrative Regulations 3550 and 3554. You may view these policies by visiting Gamut Online and logging in using username: public, password: sanjose

Q: What do the district nutritional guidelines impact at the school site?

A: The nutritional guidelines apply to all food and beverages sold, donated to, or served at school sites. This includes: Snacks, celebrations, classroom parties, school meals, vending machines, student stores, fundraisers on school sites, and after school programs.

Q: Who has the direct responsibility to implement the district nutritional guidelines (outside of food served through the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs)?

A: The school site principal is directly responsible for what takes place at the school site and ensuring that all food and beverages served or sold at the school site follow the nutritional guidelines one hour before, one hour after, and during school hours.

Q: What does ‘sold’ mean when referring to food or beverages?

A: ‘Sold’ refers to any food or beverages provided to students on school grounds in exchange for money, coupons, or vouchers. ‘Sold’ includes, but is not limited to, food or beverages sold for fundraisers, through vending machines, and in student stores or through student organizations.

Any fundraisers selling food or beverages must be preapproved by the district Student Nutrition Services. Visit the Fundraising Request form and more information on fundraisers: Click here

Q: What are some food and beverages that meet the district nutritional guidelines?

A: Visit the Food @ School: Food and Beverages resources folder: Click here

Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Smart Snacks product list gives you examples of both food and beverages that meet nutritional guidelines: Click here

Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Smart Snacks nutrition calculator does the checking for you if a food or beverage meets nutritional guidelines: Click here

Q: Are home prepared food or beverages allowed at school?

A: No, home prepared food or beverages are not allowed at school for sale or sharing during classroom celebrations or events.

Home prepared food and beverages are only allowed on campus for personal snacks or meals.

If a parent/guardian has a certificate in food safety, however, home made or home prepared brought to school for sale or sharing may be permitted if preapproved by Student Nutrition Services and at the principal’s discretion.

Q: Can a classroom have more than one celebration in a month?

A: Yes, classroom celebrations are at the teacher and administration’s discretion, so long as they follow district nutritional guidelines. Non-food classroom celebrations are strongly encouraged.

Q: How do I get in contact with the SJUSD Student Nutrition Services?

A: You may call 408-535-6021 during regular business hours (8:00 am – 4:00 pm) excluding scheduled school closures.

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