Information and Policies

Morning Drop Off

The safest place to drop off and pick up your children is in the drop off and pick up area adjacent to the multipurpose room.


  • Traffic Safety:  Passenger Cars and Buses
  • Double parking or parking in driveways is not permitted.  Violators may be ticketed.
  • Passenger cars are not to park where there are cones which signify a dangerous area. 
  • Cars are also not permitted in the bus loading zones.
  • Do not leave cars unattended when picking up or dropping off your children.

Attendance Procedures

Attendance and participation in class are essential if your child is to gain the maximum benefit from the educational program.  Because attendance greatly affects achievement, San Jose Unified School District monitors absences and tardies closely.  Each student’s attendance records are maintained in the district’s Attendance Monitoring System (computer).  This includes excused and unexcused absences, as well as the reason for the absence, and tardies.  At any time, parents can request a copy of their child’s report.

Absences:  Parents are to call the school (535-6221) when their child is absent and give the date and the reason for the absence.

Tardies:  Arriving at school on time is important.  When students arrive late, important instruction is missed.
Students are considered tardy after the classroom door is closed.
All students late to school must report to the office and receive a tardy slip.

Letters are sent to the parents whose children have three unexcused absences or three tardies of more than 30 minutes.
Eventually, truant students are referred to the Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) officer of the school district, and finally to the District Attorney

Checking Out a Student during the School Day:  Parents must come to the office and sign their child out before he/she can be excused from class. To release a student to a person other than the parents he/she must be listed on the Emergency Form.

Change of Address/Phone Number
Please report changes in address, phone number/s, and the names of those who can pick up your child in case of an emergency, etc. to the school office as soon as possible.  It is extremely important that we are able to reach parents quickly in the event of an emergency.

Lost and Found

Items that have the student’s name written on them are immediately returned to the child.  Other items are to be placed in a barrel in the cafeteria. Lost and Found items will be donated to charity at the end of each month. Students have an opportunity to view these items on a regular basis.

Visitors and Volunteers:

We welcome volunteers who help our teachers and staff elevate opportunities for students. Please review the following processes.

Sign-in:  All visitors and volunteers must report to the office to sign in and obtain a name badge before proceeding to a classroom.
Parent volunteers are encouraged to participate in their children’s classrooms.  If you are interested in visiting and/or volunteering, contact your child’s teacher to set a time.

Confidentiality:  All volunteers need to maintain student confidentiality when working in the classrooms.

Community volunteers can be from our adopt a school partners, neighboring high schools, colleges/universities or businesses.  Tutoring programs can be run under the auspices of specific funding, such as Title I, Student Academic Partnership Program, etc.  Currently the Literacy Resource Teacher and Title I Resource Teacher coordinates the tutoring programs in the school.