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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my neighborhood school?

Please visit our school locator and enter your address.

If your address is not within San José Unified, click here to find your school district.
Need more help? Contact the Enrollment Center at (408) 535-6412

Do I have to schedule an appointment to enroll my student, or can I just walk in?

To ensure the fastest service, we recommend you make an appointment to visit our Enrollment Center.

What documents do I need to enroll my student?

Click here for complete enrollment requirements

Then, do one of the following:
Download an enrollment application
Start an online application
Pick up a packet at the Enrollment Center

When should I register my child for TK/Kindergarten?

Phase 1 Elementary Pre-Registration (TK-5) begins February 6th, 2017, and ends March 17, 2017. You must enroll your student during Phase 1 if you want to enter them in the magnet school lottery (Hacienda, Hammer, and River Glen Schools).

What is the cut-off birthdate for enrolling my child in Kindergarten?

For the 2017-2018 school year
Students born on or before September 1, 2012, will be enrolled in Kindergarten. Students born between September 2, 2012, and December 2, 2012, will be enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten.

Will my student be able to start school the same day that I enroll him/her?

No, the Enrollment Center needs to inform the assigned school that the student is coming, and the school needs to prepare for the student. If your student is enrolled before 2:00pm, they will start school the following day. If your student is enrolled after 2:00pm, they will start school on the second day after enrollment.

Does my student need physical exam to enter school?

A physical examination is required for 1st grade entry only. Click here to download a form.

Can my student get a TB test after we complete enrollment?

No, this must be completed at time of enrollment. Click here to learn more.

What should I do if I change my address?

Please bring the required proof(s) of address to the Enrollment Center.

Can I fax or email a change of address to the Enrollment Center?

No, you need to bring the required documentation and photo ID to the Enrollment Center.

I can’t come to the Enrollment Center during business hours. What can I do?

You can designate a person to come to the Enrollment Center on your behalf by completing this form. You will also need to provide a parent and/or guardian’s photo ID as well as all other required documentation.

I’m interested in the Two Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI). What should I do?

To enroll your student in our TWBI program, you are required to attend an orientation prior to enrollment. Click here to learn more and download an orientation calendar.

Now that my student is enrolled, when will he/she be able to start riding the bus?

Once school has started, and you’ve completed a transportation application, your student should be able to begin riding the bus after seven (7) school days. Click here or call (408) 535-6185 for more information.

My child has been overloaded to another elementary school. What is the District policy?

Overloaded students have priority over new enrollment into your neighborhood school. If you wish for your child to remain at the overloaded school permanently, you will need to request an intradistrict transfer, and renew this annually.

My student previously attended a private performing arts school (dance, theater, folkloric, etc.). Can I enroll my student in a specific performing arts school?

Yes. You will first need to have the private school or studio write a letter to verify that your child has been in their program consistently for three (3) years. You can then apply for the Visual/Performing Arts “Program Strand” after secondary school choice is completed in March. Placement of your student will be based on availability.

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