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All immunization records must be provided to the Enrollment Center or school office. Your student will be excluded from attending class until these records have been received. Please call the Enrollment Center at (408) 535-6412 if you have any questions.

Immunization requirements
Requisitos de vacunación
TDAP requirement (Grades 7-12)
Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement (Grades TK-12)

Important Notice—Beginning January 1, 2016:

According to new state law, you will no longer be allowed to submit a “personal beliefs” exemption for required vaccinations.

Medical exemptions are still accepted, but only if signed by a licensed physician (MD or DO). All medical exemptions must include:

1. A statement that the child’s physical condition or circumstances make the immunization
unsafe for the child;
2. A list of all vaccinations for which you are requesting exemption;
3. The specific nature or circumstances that make the immunization unsafe; and
4. The probable duration of the exemption.

Aviso importante—A partir del 1º de enero de 2016:

A los padres o tutores de los estudiantes en cualquier escuela o guardería infantil ya sea pública o privada, ya no se les permitirá presentar una excepción de creencias personales.

Únicamente los médicos acreditados (MD o DO) pueden firmar una excepción de índole médica. Las excepciones de índole médica deben incluir:

1. Una declaración de que la condición o circunstancias físicas del menor hacen que la vacuna sea arriesgada o peligrosa para el mismo;
2. Una lista de todas las vacunas exentas.
3. La naturaleza o circunstancias específicas que hacen que la vacuna sea arriesgada o peligrosa; y
4. La duración probable de la excepción.

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)

Students registering for transitional kindergarten and kindergarten for the first time, and all students transferring from schools outside of Santa Clara County must have completed a Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test (TST), which must be done in the United States. You must be able to document this test with the date it was administered, the date it was analyzed, the millimeters of indurations, and an impression of the Mantoux Tuberculosis skin test. (Please note that a four-pronged Tine multipuncture test is not acceptable.)

Please refer to California Health and Safety Code §120325-120380 for more information on immunization requirements.

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