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School Choice

Parents of 5th and 8th grade students in San José Unified School District have an opportunity to request their student’s school assignment for the following school year, when they transition to middle and high school, respectively. In order to assist you in making more informed choices about these programs, please take time to do the following:

Learn about our programs - Click here to download a guide to our schools, or pick one up in person from our Enrollment Center at 4855 Pearl Avenue in San José.

Tour a school - Click to see a schedule of school tours, parent nights, and student shadow days: High Schools, Middle Schools, Magnet Schools. Appointments can also be made by calling the schools directly. Click here for school info.

You have the opportunity to submit your request for middle and high school assignment through our online parent portal. You can log onto the parent portal anytime between now and February 10th to submit your request. Please review these instructions before you visit the portal.

Families who cannot or do not want to submit their request online should have their student bring their school choice form to the school in person. All requests must be submitted by end of the school day on February 10, 2017, in order to be processed on time.

It’s important for you to know that the number of students requesting a certain school may exceed that school’s programmatic or physical capacity. Whenever that happens, the district will redirect students to their second or third choice school according to the following priorities, ranked in order of importance:

1. Students who reside in the school attendance boundary;
2. Students who are requesting a Voluntary Integrative Transfer;
3. Students with a sibling who is currently attending the school and who will continue to be enrolled the following year; and
4. Students whose choice of schools does not satisfy one of the above priorities.

If all three of your school choices are unavailable, your student will be automatically assigned to your neighborhood school and placed on a wait list for your first choice. Click here to learn more about the wait list process.

You will be informed of your student’s school assignment during the week of March 13, 2017. Soon afterward, your school principal will contact you with information regarding instructional programs for the upcoming year.

Click here to learn more about appealing your school assignment.

Please call the Enrollment Center at (408) 535-6412 if you have any questions.

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