All student learning at Gardner Academy is aligned with the California Content Standards in all subject areas and is supplemented with adopted core program workbooks and online computer activites.

Language Arts: Houghton Mifflin (California Edition), Kindergarten - Fifth
Math: Scott Foresman, Kindergarten - Fifth
Science: California Science: Scott Foresman, K - 5, or Ciencias de California: Scott Foresman, K - 3
Social Studies: Harcourt Brace (California Edition), K - 5, or Estudios Sociales: Harcourt Brace (California Edition), K - 5
English Language Development: Avenues (California Edition), K - 5
L/A Intervention: Sopris West, Language the Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum, 4 - 5
L/A Intervention: Adaptive Curriculum, Lexia Learning, K-3
Math Intervention: Adaptive Curriculum, DreamBox Learning, K-3
Additional Intervention: Adaptive Curriculum, Imagine Learning, K-5
Violence Prevention Curriculum: Second Step, K-5