Programs at Gardner

SEI (Sheltered English Immersion)
The goal of a SEI classroom is to move students into English as quickly as possible using two program models based on their proficiency levels.  In this model teachers use a variety of teaching materials and strategies to ensure student understanding.

TWBI (Two Way Bilingual Immersion)
In the TWI program English learners and English speaking students develop bilingualism and bi-literacy in English and Spanish.  English is used for a minimum of ten percent of the time beginning in Kindergarten, and the percentage increases annually until both English and Spanish are used equally.

Gardner Academy Preschool
Gardner’s preschool program is designed to provide early learning experiences that are a foundation for school success.  Preschool will be using a curriculum based on California State Standards to ensure that students be ready to enter Kindergarten.  Click here to learn more about Gardners preschool program.