Uniform Policy


School uniforms are worn at Gardner Academy so students feel a pride and sense of unity in the school.  The focus of our students is about raising academic achievement.  The guidelines are given to help parents make positive decisions about the appropriateness of uniforms or accessories when buying uniforms for their students.  Parents are expected to take responsibility for their students following the guidelines of the uniform policy.  Wearing uniforms at Gardner was officially approved by the School Board in November 1999.
All students must come to school every day in the basic school uniform of navy blue or white polo shirt, tan khaki twill shorts or pants.  A blue navy/ Khaki jumper and or skort may also be worn. Students are to wear their school uniform to and from school and at all times during the instructional day.  All clothing must be size appropriate for the student, that is, no more than one student size larger than actual measurement.

Polo Shirt:

White or Navy Blue Polo with or without School Logo may be worn

  • must be worn under the sweatshirt, sweater, vest, or jacket
  • T-shirt/turtleneck worn under the Polo  
  • Shirt must be solid white/Navy blue with no logo
  • Blue pants with white polo shirts only
  • no white dress shirts


Tan Khaki Twill, Navy, straight legged with front crease worn as purchased from uniform store not worn below normal waist line hemmed appropriately (no pins or staples) as purchased.

  • no baggy pants
  • no shredded cuffs, rolled up cuffs, or cuffs dragging on the ground
  • no Dickeys or Ben Davis brand
  • no jeans/corduroy pants of any color
  • no cargo style pants
  • no bell bottom or tight legged pants

Walk Shorts:

Tan Khaki Twill or Navy worn as purchased from store.

  • not worn below normal waist line  
  • worn 2-4 inches above the knee
  • not rolled up or shortened
  • no cutoffs, jeans, or corduroy
  • no Dickeys or Ben Davis brand
  • no baggy shorts
  • no cargo style shorts
  • no short shorts


Navy Blue/Tan

  • hemline to be just above knee
  • no short skirts or skirts hemmed more than 3” above knee
  • tights may be worn under the uniform skirt in cold weather: 
  • white, black, or Navy Blue tights only


Solid Navy Blue or White hooded with or without School Logo.


Navy Blue (no hood) is acceptable

  • no other color sweatshirt is acceptable (no gray, black, red, maroon, blue, etc.)
  • not to be worn inside-out
  • not to be worn alone
  • uniform polo shirt must be worn underneath

Gardner sweatshirts are for sale in the office

Turtleneck, T-Shirt  

Solid White or Solid Navy Blue

  • must be tucked in
  • must be worn under the polo shirt
  • no gray, maroon, black


Navy Blue or White Sweater or Navy Blue Vest

  • must be a solid white or navy blue
  • no other color sweater is acceptable
  • uniform polo shirt must be worn underneath

Shoes, Socks, Belts, and Accessories:

  • shoes/laces/belts must be black, brown, white.
  • sandals are acceptable during warm weather but must have a back strap
  • socks must be black, brown, white, or blue
  • hair accessories may be black, brown, white
  • belts must have plain buckles (no symbols or initials)
  • belt cannot be more than one waist size larger than student’s waist

Gardner Academy School sweatshirts may be purchased at the school office
Gardner Uniform items may also be purchased at any store, providing, the purchased uniform meets the color and intent of this policy.

Uniform Assistance Policy

Parents are encouraged to contact the principal in the event there is a financial hardship to purchase uniforms.  A uniform closet is available where uniforms can be borrowed.  We have for sale purchased.