About Grant

Grant Elementary School is following the district’s lead in closing the opportunity gap. Our goal is for all students to read at or above grade level by grade 3 and to maintain grade level reading ability from then on We follow the San José Unified School District’s adopted curriculum and provide students with appropriate support where needed. Our school offers Academic Language Acquisition (ALA) classes for bilingual students and English Language Development (ELD) classes for English learners. Grant teachers grade level plan using the commom core standards and our districts scope and sequence. Lessons include collaborative opportunities for students to share in their learning.  The school’s media center houses an extensive library, we have three 31-station computer labs and 3 mobile labs. Every students has an adaptive learning program in either Reading or English Lang. development and Math. Grant uses the programs Lexia, Imagine Learning and DreamBox, respectively. To also support us in meeting our goals, we provide multipleintervention opportunities for our students based on dataand need.