Graystone's Mascot with Principal Long

Author Lisa McMann
Lisa McMann, author of the “Unwanteds” Series visits Graystone

Crazy Hat 2
Graystone students enjoy Crazy Hat and Hair Day!

Doris Dillon

Doris Dillon Garden

Author Visit Megan McDonald

Author Visit Megan McDonald

Second Harvest
Graystone Students’ Second Harvest Food Drive

                          Student Principal for the Day

Halloween 2014

5th Grade Safety Patrol

Blacktop Art
Student Blacktop Art during Rockin Recess

Sience Olympaid
Graystone’s Santa Clara County Science Olympiad Team

Principal Long and Andre's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Graystone participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Place Value Fun
Kindergarten Place Value Fun

Achieve 3000
Acheive 3000 Demo Day for Graystone’s 3rd-5th Grade Classes

Blacktop Art
Blacktop Art during Rockin Recess!

Crazy Hat and Hair Day!
Crazy Hat and Hair Day!

Author Visit Katherine Roy
Author Visit Katherine Roy

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Graystone’s Vision

Our students are inspired and prepared to succeed in a global society.

Graystone’s Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education.