B6 - Weekly Newsletter

Monday, May 14 -  Friday, May 18, 2018

B-6 Parents and Students:
Be sure to look through your student’s white envelope! This week there are several flyers and student work samples. Graded items include the Chapter 10 Social Studies test.

THANK YOU ALL for your work with Gold Rush today!  The set up was brilliant, stations were beautifully set and organized, volunteers were wonderful, and even the weather cooperated. I know this was an exhausting day, and MANY of you did lot of prep work as well. BUT ... this was such an outstanding event for the students - they were engaged, learning, and enjoying themselves.

Science Projects - science experiments should be complete. The ONLY things done at home are the experiment itself, writing down of data, and taking pictures. All else will be done at school: typing up results, creating tables, charts, graphs, writing a summary and conclusion, and creating a display board. Students will present their projects in class beginning Friday May 25.

Tuesday is the Art Show and Open House! From 5:00-6:00pm, come to the Superdome and admire all of Graystone’s Great Artists’ Creations (every student has a piece displayed!). Open House will run from 6:00-7:00—- come visit the classroom so your student can show off her/his great work, both individual and group projects.

Our student teacher, Miss Betancourt, had her last official student-teaching day today.  The students will get one more day with her though, as a substitute, next Friday May 25, so we are waiting to say our good-byes and thank you’s till then.

This week’s agenda included:


Students continued Origo unit 12.


Students completed the individual portion of in-class Ecosystems research project; students also wrote a “Cinderella” narrative.


Students finished “KneeKnock Rise”.

Social Studies

Students completed chapter 10.

Agenda for Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25, 2018:


Students will complete Origo unit 12; test is Tuesday, May 29.


Students will read “Number the stars”, focusing on defining unknown words using context clues.


Students will complete their in-class group Ecosystems project, and their science project.

Social Studies

Students will read and complete Chapter 11; test is Friday, May 25 (**It will be a shortened test**)

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

May 22 Open House and Art Show!  5:00 is the Art Show in the Superdome; 6:00 is Open House
May 25 Disney Day - wear your favorite Disney attire!
May 30 4th Grade Music Recital - 1:00

Adaptive Learning Links

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B6 - Helpful Websites

Over the course of the year, I will update this page with helpful websites.

The Trumpet of the Swan “Person”, Place or Thing Research Project:

Search Engineh



Trumpeter Swan Facts - BioKIDS
Trumpeter Swan - EEK!
Trumpeter Swan - All About Birds
Trumpeter Swan - The Trumpeter Swan Society
Fox Facts - BioKIDS
Fox Facts - EEK!


Philadelphia - WikiKidz
Pennsylvania - Ducksters
Pennsylvania - Fact Monster
Massachusetts - FactMonster
Boston - WikiKidz
Massachusetts - Ducksters
Red Rock Lakes - Wilderness.net
Montana - Ducksters
Montana - FactMonster
Canada - Ducksters
Canada - FactMonster
Canada - WikiKidz


Brass Instruments - Ducksters
Brass Instruments - WikiKidz
String Instruments - Ducksters
String Instruments - WikiKidz
Woodwind Instruments - Ducksters
Woodwind Instruments - WikiKidz

California Missions Websites:
California State Parks Website: Missions
California Missions Resource Center
A Virtual Tour of California Missions
The Spanish Missions of California
The 21 California Missions
Fact Cards - California Missions

Holiday Research Project:
History Channel - Holidays
Ducksters - Holidays
Persian New Year
Chinese New Year
Boys Day
Harvest Moon Festival
Vietnamese New Year
Swedish Mid Summer
Korean New Year
National Geographic for Kids - Diwali
Chrismas in Armenia
Holi Festival
Holi Info

Island of the Blue Dolphins Enrichment Research:
A to Z Animals -Sea Otters
Marine Mammal Center - Sea Otters
Sea Otters - Kids Do Ecology

A to Z Animals -Dolphins
Marine Mammal Center - Dolphins
Dolphins - Kids Do Ecology

Elephant Seal - Marine Mammal Center
Elephant Seal - Animal Corner
Elephant Seal - A to Z Animals

Wild Dogs - Grey Wolf Project
Wild Dogs - Gray Wolf - National Geographic
Wild Dogs - Wolves - Easy Science for Kids

National Geographic - The Channel Islands
National Park Service: History & Culture - The Channel Islands
National Parke Service: Nature & Science - The Channel Islands

Chumash - History
Chumash - Social Studies Facts
Chumash - Daily Life

PBS: Cortes
Fact Cards (all explorers)
Ducksters: Explorers (Cortes & Drake only)
Exploring California (good for pictures only)
Explorer Images

California Gold Rush Websites:
California State Library: Gold Rush
KidPort: Gold Rush
Ducksters - California Gold Rush

Sacramento Field Trip:
Rail Road Museum
Sutter’s Fort
California State Capitol

Ecosystems Websites:
Biome Experiments
Kids do Ecology
World Biomes
World Biomes and Ecosystems
Desert Facts
Wetlands Facts
Grasslands Facts
Coral Reef Facts
Arctic Facts
Freshwater Facts
Climate Types: Tundra


B6 - Long Term Projects

Early California History Research Project - Fall
Students will research an aspect of Early California History using books and internet sources.
This is an in-class project.

Ecosystems Research Project - Spring
Students will research an ecosystem using books and internet sources.
This is an in-class project.

Science Project - Spring
A detailed packet will be sent home in April or May.
The science project will be done partly at home, partly in school.
At home, students will need to conduct an experiment, and collect and record the data. Experiments should be finished no later than TBD.
All write ups, analysis of data, and assembly of the display will be done in the room.
School will provide the display board, paper, and construction paper for the display.
Families are asked to provide any necessary materials for the experiment itself.



B6 - Daily Homework

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Reading: Read 20 minutes every night.
Writing: none
Math: Front only
Social Studies: Finish study guide; Ch 11 (lessons 1 & 2 only) test Friday

Friday, May 25, 2018
Reading: Read 20 minutes every night.
Writing: none
Math: none

**NO school Monday, May 28**

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

May 30 - 4th Grade Music Recital 1:00pm
June 5 - Full day of school; dismissal 2:50
June 7 - Last day of school; dismissal 1:10


Medlin, Allison

      Welcome to room B-6 and Fourth Grade!  I have had the privilege of being at Graystone for 20 years, and my roles have progressed from stay-home mom of three students, to classroom volunteer, and ultimately to teacher for the past nine years.

      This year marks our fifth year of Common Core Standards implementation.  Reading and meaningful writing are essential in all areas; we will work on strategies and techniques to strengthen these lifelong skills. Grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills are discovered and learned in context of non-fiction reading, short stories, and literature studies. Science curriculum spans electricity, magnetism, geology, and ecosystems.  Social studies centers on California history and geography; topics include Native Americans, explorers and missions, the Gold Rush, and the economy. Math continues and expands student’s blossoming knowledge of number sense, multiplication and division, and fractions and decimals. 
      My goals are that each student will enjoy coming to school every day, develop strong study habits, and master fourth grade standards. I am excited to teach fourth grade this year and anticipate a rewarding year with the students.

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