B6 - Weekly Newsletter

Monday, June 4 -  Thursday, June 7, 2018

B-6 Parents and Students:
Be sure to look through your student’s white envelope! This week there are several flyers and student work samples.

In your student’s Friday envelope, you will find a smaller manilla envelope addressed to “the parents of ...” - this contains an end of they year note from me, your student’s report card, and latest reading level (Achieve3000) report.

Also, please look for and read our class booklet “The Future of B-6”.  This week each student wrote a 3 paragraph essay, predicting what they would be doing at 18, 30, & 50. All the essays are included in the booklet - enjoy reading & may their dreams come true!

Your student’s last week was terrific - each stayed on task, was productive, engaged in collaborative projects, demonstrated our unique talents, and made the most out of their last days as a 4th grader. Thank you all for sharing them with me for 180 days.  The last day of school is truly my least favorite day - I hate saying good-bye.

This week’s agenda included:


Students completed a unit on money skills (percentages, sales tax, discounts) and identified & created patterns.


Students read non-fiction articles from TFK, focusing on defining unknown words using context clues.


Students wrote a personal narrative and a personal letter.

Social Studies

Students completed Chapter 12 and collaborated to create and present a poster demonstrating understanding.

Agenda for Friday, June 8 - Tuesday, August 14, 2018:

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - First day of FIFTH Grade

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