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Animal Adaptation Drawing

Animal Adaptation Drawing

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C-11 Welcome letter

August 15th, 2012

Dear Parents,

Hello!  My name is Jenny Polizzotto and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this coming year as their Third grade teacher. 

During the first few weeks of school, I will be attaining information from your child in the form of a writing sample, as well as math and reading assessments.  The assessment information attained will be used as a tool to determine where we should begin curriculum-wise.

Third grade can be quite a transition year for kids as they learn to become more independent and develop their critical thinking skills.  As your child’s teacher, my main goal is to help every child achieve success in their education and to confidently blossom into young men and women with a great passion for life and learning.  With this goal in mind, I will plan carefully, use new California Standards and Frameworks, and vary my instructional techniques in order to best challenge all the students in my class. 

In class, I will gently enforce my expectation that each child display a willing attitude. I like to tell students to do “their personal best” on every challenge and assignment they encounter.  I encourage you to help your child make the transition into Third grade as smooth as possible by supporting their growing independence as learners.

It is important to me, as your child’s teacher, that you feel involved and communicated with.  I will try my best to keep you informed throughout the year about the various activities our class will be involved in.  One method I will use is to send home a monthly newsletter letting you know what curriculum we will be covering and any other information you should know about.  I will also give an informational packet at “Back to School Night”  on Tuesday, August 28th, which will list special events and procedures of C-11.  Each month, your child will receive a packet that will include a newsletter, reading log, and book order form.  Please read this packet carefully as it will give many directions and important dates.

Please consider joining the Home and School club this year.  Donations can be as small as $5 and if our class has 100% participation (sign-up), we will be awarded $300 to use for our classroom! 

I am truly looking forward to working with you this coming year to ensure that your child’s Third grade memories are full of positive, challenging, and unforgettable experiences.  Welcome to Third grade!

Sincerely, Jennifer Polizzotto

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Polizzotto, Jennifer

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    Upcoming Events!

    April 3rd:
    Dictionary Day!

    April 9th:
    Scholastic book orders due!
    and Pajama Day

    April 10th- 17th:
    Spring Break!

    April 22nd:
    Earth Day

    April 24th:
    Spring Celebration rally

    April 28th:
    STAR testing begins

    April 30th:
    Adventure postcard, spring poem, and reading logs due