Pabilona, Kathy

My Strengths
    In reflecting on my qualities and experiences that have prepared me to teach, I would say that my most important experience has been parenting my own children.  I have five children, each with their own unique personality, needs, and interests.  Raising them has given me insight as I learned to embrace multiple perspectives and empathy as I endeavored to be firm yet kind.
    My colleagues frequently tell me that I “always seem so calm”.  Part of that may come from experience and being prepared.  This is my eighth year of teaching.  It also comes from knowing that if I let myself get flustered, I can’t think as clearly.  When I am calm, I feel more in control and my students stay calmer as well. 
    I know that my mood affects my students.  I like to teach.  I find it challenging.  Thinking about my students fills up most of my time during the school year.  Sometimes I even dream about them.  We spend so much time together parents may feel I see their student more than they do!  I am in a good mood most of the time.  My motto is, “Happy Teacher, Happy Students”.  I hope that you enjoy having me as your teacher this year.

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Room D-13

Phone: (408) 535-6317

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The best way to contact me is by email.  You may also leave a phone message with the secretary or send a note to school with your student.

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