Kristen Bernhardt

Dear Parents,
      Welcome to second grade in G-30! I am so pleased to welcome you and your child to our classroom. I know that this will be a productive and rewarding school year for all of us. I am a firm believer in providing students with a safe, hard-working, loving classroom where they can feel in control of their own learning. I plan a curriculum that meets your child where they are academically and helps them to be self-guided learners. I hope to work together with you to create a successful learning experience for your child. 
    For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in a little city, nestled in the East Bay hills, named Orinda. I followed both of my parents’ footsteps and attended college at Chico State, where I received my bachelor’s degree in liberal studies as well as my teaching credential. I got hired at Graystone in my first interview out of college and have been teaching second grade ever since! For the last twelve years I have been Miss Chappelle. I got married last September and am beginning my first full year as Mrs. Bernhardt. My husband teaches math at Pioneer High School down the road.
    Part of being at Graystone is keeping in contact with my students’ parents and it is important to me that I do just that. My e-mail is a great way for you to contact me as I check it regularly before and after school. There will also be monthly newsletters coming home with your child that will explain upcoming events and assignments. Second graders will be responsible for nightly homework as well as additional projects that I will explain in the newsletter as they arise.
    I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your child. I know we will have a great year together!

Warmest Regards,
Kristen Bernhardt

G-30 News & Events

Please view the attached newsletters. They will be updated with each month. Please email with any questions, comments or concerns.

September Newsletter

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Daily Schedule

Our Daily Classroom Schedule

8:40-9:00 • Staff Meeting
9:00-10:00 • Math
10:00-10:20 • Recess
10:20-11:00 • Spelling & Grammar
11:00-12:00 • Reader’s Workshop
12:00-12:40 • Lunch
12:40-1:00 • Storytime
1:00-2:00 • Writer’s Workshop
2:00-2:30 • P.E.
2:30-2:45 • Jobs/Dismissal

Special Programs Schedule

10:20-10:50 • Computer Lab
11:00-11:30 • Music
2:00-2:30 • Recess 101

10:20-10:50 • Computer Lab
11:10-12:00 • Science Lab

9:30-10:00 • Computer Lab
10:20-11:10 • Art Vista
11:15-11:45 • Library
1:00-1:45 • Project Cornerstone
1:45-2:45 • Store


Year-Long Plan


Language Arts Unit Study: Good Readers Ask Questions
Writing: Introduction to Narrative
Math Unit 1: Reinforcing One-Step Problems for Addition and Subtraction
Social Studies: Geography


Language Arts Unit Study: Good Readers Know What is Important
Writing: Narrative
Math Unit 2: Using Strategies for Addition and Unit 3: Using Strategies for Subtraction
Physical Science: Force, Motion and Sound


Language Arts Unit Study: Good Readers Know What is Important
Writing: Narrative
Math Unit 4: Using Place Value to Compare Tens and Ones within 1,000 and Unit 5: Measuring Time
Social Studies: City Government
Home Project: Character Can


Literature: “Corn is Maize”
Language Arts Unit Study: Text Structure
Writing: Information
Math Unit 6: Solving Problems Involving Money and Unit 7: Exploring Measurement
Life Science: Plant Life Cycle


Literature: “Freckle Juice”
Language Arts Unit Study: Text Structure
Writing: Information
Math Unit 8: Mentally Adding by 10s or 100s
Social Studies: Simple Economics


Language Arts Unit Study: Point of View
Writing: Opinion and Letter writing
Math Unit 9: Mentally Subtracting by 10s or 100s and Unit 10: Adding Whole Numbers
Social Studies: Biographies of American Heroes
Home Project: Biography Report


Literature: “The Chocolate Touch”
Language Arts Unit Study: Learning Through Research
Writing: Opinion and Letter writing
Math Unit 11: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers with Regrouping and Unit 12: Exploring 2-D and 3-D Geometry
Earth Science: Geology


Literature: “The Ugly Duckling”
Language Arts Unit of Study: Learning Through Research
Writing: Information
Math Unit 13: Exploring Equal Shares and Unit 14:Using Addition and Subtraction Strategies to 20 Fluently
Social Studies: City Government


Literature: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”
Language Arts Unit of Study: Literature Study
Writing: Opinion
Math Unit 15: Using Data in Graphs and Unit 16: Estimating and Measuring Length
Social Studies: Time Long Ago
Book Project: Ancestor Report


Literature: “The Magic Tree House-Dinosaurs Before Dark”
Language Arts Unit of Study: Literature Study
Writing: Opinion
Math Unit 17: Using Place Value and Patterns with Numbers to 1,000 and Unit 18: Using Strategies to Add and Subtract Three-Digit Numbers
Science: Dinosaurs and Butterflies

Monthly Projects and Poems

Monthly Projects

Character Can

American Hero Report

American Hero Timeline

Ancestor Interview Report

Ancestor Timeline

Monthly Poems

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Mrs. Bernhardt

The best way to contact me is through email.

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