Academic Expectations

Please refer to the San Jose Unified School District First Grade Level Academic Standards to know what is expected of your child by the end of first grade.  The grading rubric, as shown on the District Report Card is:

1—Below Grade Level Standard
2—Approaching Grade Level Standard
3—At Grade Level Standard

Daily work and Homework is graded on the following grading scale:
Student followed directions, work is neat, and has no mistakes.
Student has one or two mistakes; most of the work is neat.
N—Needs improvement
Student did not do his/her best work, has many mistakes, and work is messy.

Purple Take Home Folders

Please have your child bring this to school DAILY.  There are times when notices need to go home throughout the week, so it’s important that folders are at school.  Homework will be sent home on Mondays and need to be returned in your child’s purple folder on Fridays.

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