Reading List

Reading can be Fun and Rewarding too

Kindergarten: ‘My Reading List’ is part of a program to encourage reading at home as well as school. Anytime a book is read between parent and child, write down the title on the reading log. Once the log if filled up (15 books), return it to school. Your child will receive a charm to add to an ongoing necklace. When the necklace has five book charms on it, a child can take it home and a new necklace is started.

Chapter books count as one book per chapter. All other books count! If your child brings home a ‘take home’ book or you read them a story, WRITE IT DOWN!

Additional Reading lists are available under the red box or print the attachment below.

Reading Log

First Grade: A monthly reading log is sent home in the homework folder at the beginning of the month. If you need an additional copy, please print the attachment below and fill in the month.

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