Common Core

What are the Common Core Standards?
The New Common Core Standards have been adopted by a majority of states across the nation. The English Language Arts standards encompass reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as language. The shift for ELA is an emphasis on non-fiction reading, text complexity, and using text evidence to support reasoning. Writing will include many different genre such as opinion, narrative, research and other explanatory options. In mathematics we will be focusing on the eight mathematical practices that are the same for all grades K-12, however what we as of students within these practices goes deeper as they progress through the years. We will be requiring students to “explain their thinking” using strong academic vocabulary. Instructionally, the shifts are Focus, Coherence, and Rigor. By having critical areas of focus for each grade level, students are able to master fewer concepts and skills on a deeper level, thus laying the conceptual foundation for long-term math understanding & application.

• K-­‐2nd is addition and subtractions with fluency and conceptual understanding of whole numbers and measurement.

• 3rd-­‐5th focus is multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions. Coherence requires students and teacher to link major math topics across grades, as well as to see math as a set of related ideas within each grade level. Rigor is expected-not harder work, but the depth of what is expected. There is a balance between deep conceptual understanding

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