e24 Conferences

Before our conference – Write down questions and/or concerns
Be on time – As much as I enjoy talking, I like to keep on schedule
If we run out of time, we can schedule another time to continue
Take a minute (before or after) to look around the room at the wonderful work the children are doing

Conferences provide us time to share information and ideas with a common goal of improving your child’s learning experience. November marks the first quarter of the year and is also for scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences. During our time together, we will review the report card, talk about kindergarten reading and writing and discuss your child’s strengths and, if any, concerns.

We begin the conference with your child’s assessments. Here you will see growth your child has made thus far. Results are used to evaluate standards on the report card (See report card link under my picture). The report card summarizes significant aspects of your child’s progress. When you look at the top of the form, you’ll notice marks (“+” at or above, ? approaching, - below grade level) used to evaluate your child. First, I look at whether they are on grade level in each major academic area. I also evaluate effort. Is a child putting forth minimum, satisfactory or extra effort at school. At the bottom is a space for a comment, which I use to reflect on personal observations regarding your child’s progress.

Next is my favorite subject: Reading and writing. Your child has also increased in their reading ability. From sounding out letters to sounding out words, go to (See “Reading Levels” on left hand side) to see your child’s present reading skills and ideas to help him/her advance to the next level.  Writing is such a valuable way to express oneself. We have been writing every day, but once a week we write in our journals. You must see the journals. Even in this short time span, you will see a new comfort level in your child attempts at sounding out words, using punctuation and responding to assigned topics.

Your child’s strengths are another topic we will cover. Don’t forget to have me answer your concerns. We can schedule more time if needed.

As we bring the conference to a close, we will review our discussion and decisions. I am looking forward to meeting with you and building a stronger connection between home and school.

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