B5 Homework Calendar

Monday, May 19, 2014

Language Arts
Read for 25-30 minutes. AR goal of 80% due May 21—Wednesday.

Biography presentations have been postponed. Please have your book read (and returned to the library). If you need to do additional research to answer the questions on the rubric, feel free to Google your person and add “for kids” to get readable information. Any questions? Please talk to me. Computer lab is Wednesday and we can fix whatever you need.

Share with your family what you observed and learned today during the electromagnet science lab. We lit a flashlight, spun a copper loop, amplified sound, and learned about the rule of right.

Math—Ms. Olver’s class

Today was our final session with Mrs Fletcher! We appreciate all she has taught us and shared with us. We are better people because of her time and effort. Thank you!

Today was our final library time with our dedicated library moms. It was so easy for me to do library—I just opened the B-5 door and all was ready for us. Thank you for being there for us and making it easy to get the books we needed. We appreciate your time and effort on our behalf.

All library books should have been returned today. Students will not be allowed to participate in upcoming activities if library books are not returned or paid for. Any questions, please see me.

Safety Patrol
Applications for returning or new applicants are due to Ms. Olver on Friday so she can turn them into the office.

Open House
Tomorrow is Open House at Graystone. Students are allowed to come with family to walk through the classroom and talk about projects and the year’s learning.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

engageNY lesson 13-12

Reading and Summary
Read for 20-30 minutes. 80% AR deadline is May 21!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Read for 30 minutes in a book that falls within your AR level.

Math—Ms. Olver’s class
engageNY 13-13

Social Studies
Reread text pages for Chapter 10. Do questions for lesson 4, numbers 1-5. Do Activity page 57. Complete packet of chapter 10 readings and answer questions. Complete review questions pp. 370-371. Test is Friday morning and this work was begun in class today and should be completed tonight and Thursday night and used as study guides for the test.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday afternoon. Wear long pants. Bring a water bottle. Think about sunscreen.

engageNY 13-14.

Read for 20-30 minutes. Next deadline is 100% on May 30.

Friday, May 16, 2014

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