B5 - Weekly Newsletter

We are in our 18th week of fourth grade and the calendar says it is January. If you are having a difficult time believing this, join our club! Time is flying by which is why we need to make hay while the sun shines, put our shoulder to the wheel, get the ball rolling, get moving, and get busy. In class this week, we will be sharing ideas of goals and setting individual benchmarks for achievement. Math, language arts, spelling, physical education, science, social studies, behavior, study skills, organization—all are fit and proper topics for us to consider and think about. And so we shall.

We have been celebrating the effort and accomplishments of class mates as we make our way through the Lexia program. As you know, this is a district-mandated computer program which covers many aspects of language arts. During computer time, we have been instructed to spend our minutes working on Lexia. The district goal is that all students will complete the appropriate grade-level instruction by June. I’m so proud of the 10 B-5 students who have accomplished this goal and look forward to celebrating as other students pass level after level and reach the Zero Club.

Science Lab
This new year will also see us regularly attending science lab on Mondays. Thank you to all those who support H&SC here at Graystone because H&SC supports this valuable learning time for all students in all grades. I will keep you updated as to content and success of this new program under the leadership of Schmal’s, our science lab contract company.

Class Party
Thanks to all those who contributed snacks, treats, goodies, drinks, paper goods, games, books, and prizes for our end-of-year party on Dec. 20. Also, thank you for the fun presents your students brought to class for me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

White Envelopes & Planners & Website
One of B-5’s new year’s goals is better communication between home and school. To help with that, please make sure your student has a white envelope. I sent home an email to families of those students whose white envelopes aren’t currently here at school. If you have one at home, please send it to school with your student. On Tuesday, I will be checking for planners and we will be more diligent in using them daily. If you have a planner at home, please send it to school with your student. If your child no longer has a white envelope or planner, some are still available for purchase. Envelopes are $1 and planners are $3. Feel free to send money to school with your child and I will work with the front office to get these supplies to your student immediately.

Planners will be one source for daily homework, projects and also for spelling words. Planners need to come back and forth to school daily. I will encourage students who travel for math class to take them to Mrs. Bal’s or Mrs. Medlin’s rooms to write math assignments in as needed. If students are having difficulty in completing and turning in homework, the next supportive step will be to have parents sign the planner daily. This will not be necessary if students are able to work independently; however, it is an option for additional support. If your child needs this support, I will contact you directly. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

My personal goal for 2014 is to maintain my classroom website. Homework assignments, reminders, the weekly newsletter and calendar events will be posted. Check us out at sjusd.org/graystone under classroom pages, fourth grade, Suzanne Olver. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make this website more effective, please let me know!

That’s all for now. Hope to see you soon at school.

—Suzanne Olver



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