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What is Art Vistas?

Art Vistas is a program designed to expose children to fine art and give them hands-on experience with art techniques.  There are six lessons for each grade level from kindergarten to 5th grade.  The curriculum is based on the Art Vistas Unlimited program developed by Union School District in 1984.  (For more information about Art Vistas Unlimited, visit their wedsite at  Graystone uses an older version of the curriculum than the one described in their official website.  Also, a few of our lessons have been modified or added over the years.
Art Vistas is completely run by parent volunteers or docents.  There is no need for any art talent or knowledge on the part of the docent.  There is a lesson notebook for each classroom. Each lesson is self-contained and has step–by-step instructions.  A lesson is comprised of a set of fine art prints, which are shown and discussed with the class, followed by a hands-on art lesson.  The students will experience a variety of art mediums over the six years at Graystone including, painting, pastels, oil pastels, tissue paper collage, ceramics and more.  For a list of all the lessons by grade level, view the complete list of lessons.

Docent Training:
Docents receive training twice a year in September and January, so they are familiar with the lessons they will be teaching the children.  The training (on site at Graystone) usual takes about two hours and will cover lessons A, B and C in September and lessons D, E and F in January. 

How much time does it take?  and   Scheduling lessons:
Outside of the training sessions mentioned above, docents can figure to spend about two hours to prepare, deliver and clean-up after each lesson.  Classroom time is usually about one to one and a half hours.  The specific schedule is established between the child’s teacher and the docent, so there is usually a fair amount of flexibility in scheduling lessons.  With six lessons to teach during the year, you can figure to do about one Art Vistas lesson a month.

Complete List of Art Vistas Lessons – Kindergarten to 5th Grade

KA – Trains die cut collage
KB – Horses crayon resist
KC – Animals clay animals
KD – Boats fish prints
KE – Houses oil pastel houses
KF – Portraits black crayon portraits

1A – Line styrofoam ink prints
1B – Shape crayon rubbing from construction paper
1C – Color primary color mixing on coffee filters (or paper)
1D – Value monochromatic clowns
1E – Texture oil pastel using stippling, crosshatch and masking techniques
1F – Van Gogh artists’ bedrooms in oil pastels

2A – Landscape tissue paper landscape
2B – Animals clay pots
2C – Portraits portraits
2D – Matisse collage
2E – Seascapes reflective cityscapes
2F – Still Life large black crayon still life

3A – Action wire figuresf
3B – Masks clay masks
3C – Feelings moody clowns in oil pastel
3D – Abstract creative rubbings from construction paper
3E – Non-Objective geometric or free form design
3F – Paul Klee tissue paper undersea or jungle scene

4A – Realism & Primitivism card stock (repeated design; fore/back-ground)
4B – Impressionism painting with Q-Tips (magazine pictures)
4C – Cubism & Surrealism portraits (black construction paper & pastels)
4D – Self Portraits (1) plaster mask
4E – Self Portraits (2) plaster mask decoratingf
4F – Picasso monochromatic designs (tempera paint)
4G - Ceramic Glazes Ceramic Glaze Tile Trivet (2 lessons)

5A – Colonial Period Limner Portraits (oil pastel)
5B – Revolutionary Period charcoal shading
5C – Westward Movement clay moccasins
5D – Mid to Late 19th Century creative rubbings of people in action
5E – Early 20th Century contour line drawing (silk flowers, acrylic paint) Georgia O’Keefe style flowers
5F – Late 20th Century marbleized paper

Contact Information

K & 1st
Michele Eberle
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

2nd & 3rd
Anke Michels
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

4th & 5th
Ariane Jubert
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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