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To my dear Hacienda community,

As many of you may have heard, I am leaving Hacienda for a position in Cupertino Union School District.  I’m excited about the new opportunity and professional growth that awaits me, however I’m sad to be saying goodbye to my wonderful Hacienda.  I want to thank all of you for making these past nine years an absolutely incredible experience.  It has been such a privilege and a joy to serve as your principal.  Without a doubt, the staff, the students, and the community of parents and volunteers of Hacienda have created a school that is second to none.  To have been able to share the journey with you has been gratifying on all levels.  I know the District will find just the right person to be Hacienda’s new principal, and I wish them and all of you continued happiness and success.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

With warm regards,

Melissa Mohamed

Hello Hacienda families and friends,

Another great 5th grade class has been sent off to continue their educational adventures in Middle School, and I wish them all happiness and success.  5th grade promotion was bittersweet for me, as I have watched most of these children grow up since they entered Hacienda as adorable kindergartners.  However this is the rhythm of school, and I’m sure that I will see many of them again when it comes time for chalking up community service hours :-)  Fall Festival and Spring Fling are always in need of willing volunteers!

Though we are wrapping up the 13-14 school year, we are already planning for some wonderful adventures in the 14-15 school year.  We will be fully implementing the Common Core State Standards, with teachers continuing to have a planning session each month to develop units in keeping with the changes that Common Core brings to classroom instruction and learning.  We are also undergoing a restructuring of our Science program to make it even more awesome.  Students will have a full week in the Science Lab each month, rather than the one day a week schedule we have been following.  In addition, classroom teachers will be testing out three different supplemental curricula to determine which one (or combination of programs)  develops our students’ STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) knowledge even further.  All of the changes to Science will be grounded in the Next Generation Science Standards.  What an exciting time lies ahead!

We are welcoming some new faces to Hacienda this new year.  Jessica Martin-Moss will be joining the 4th grade team.  She has an excellent reputation as a positive, creative teacher, and I’m delighted that she has come to us.  Jesse Bjorngjeld is our new 5th grade teacher, and the men on the staff are happy to welcome another male to our ranks.  Jesse is also a very upbeat, student-centered educator, and I’m so pleased he has chosen Hacienda as his home away from home.  Two of our current staff members have swapped places, with Mrs. Marer moving to 4th grade and Mrs. Masterson moving to 5th.  All of the teams are tickled to be working together, and I think our upper grade students will be in for a great year.  Of course, it goes without saying that our children in grades K-3 are going to have a super year as well! 

I want to bid a fond farewell and best wishes to Mrs. Weistart, who has taken a position at Anne Darling, Mrs. Lo, who is moving to Gardner, to Briget Block, our SLP, and to Jaime Fancuillo, our school psych who will be working in Palo Alto.  We were very lucky to have all of them on staff, and I know that they will continue to provide quality service to the students with whom they will be working!  New additions to the Hacienda team include SLP Liz Hoshiko who comes to us from Reed,  and a returning team member school psych Robbie Kendall.  Welcome to you both :-)

I look forward to seeing all of our new kindergartners and their families on Saturday, August 9, from 1:00 - 3:00 at our Kinder Kickoff, held here on campus in the Kinder area.  It’s a fun afternoon that gives the children a chance to meet their new teacher and classmates before the official start of school, and gives parents the chance to start developing the all-important play date connections :-)  For the rest of our returning and new students, grades 1-5, I will see you all on Wednesday, August 13 at 9:00 when the school year gets underway.  I can hardly wait!! 

Have a lovely summer and I’ll see you soon :-).
Warm regards,

Melissa Mohamed