ABC Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone is a program provided through the YMCA.  It began in 2004 by a parent who wanted to create a safe, caring climate at her child’s elementary school.  Her idea was to use books to teach students tools to deal with bullying behaviors, while learning positive interpersonal skills.  It has been a success.  Over 100 schools in the Bay Area now participate in the program.

The program is also referred to as ABC.  Asset Building Champions.  ABC volunteers read eight specially selected books throughout the year and lead discussions in the school classroom that are designed to create a common language and vocabulary about student respect. The stories and activities focus on issues like building friendship skills, increasing student-to-student respect, how to avoid bullies, and what to do if a bully is targeting others.

Students also learn about values such as honesty, caring, responsibility, and friendship.  If you would like more information about the ABC program, please contact Catherine Lavin .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The ABC program also promotes the 41 Developmental Assets. To learn more, visit the Project Cornerstone web site at

Year A Lesson 1: Have You Filled a Bucket Today (PDF)

Year A Lesson 2: Simons Hook (PDF)

Year A Lesson 3: Say Something (PDF)