Art Vistas

Art Vistas is a docent led art curriculum, which incorporates hands on activities with art appreciation and art history. Each class will receive 6 classes over the course of a school year. Docents attend evening training meetings and teach 1-2 hour art lessons six times a year. Assistants are also needed for each class.

Here are some examples of what Hacienda students are learning:

fine art prints on subject of trains, animals
the element of “line” introduced through fine prints of boats

1st Grade
concept of “line"s
awareness of “shape” in art (geometric or free-form)
increase awareness of textures; identifying visual textures in paintings

2nd Grade
landscape painting (creating the feeling of distance)
seascape painting (recognize rhythm, contrast and reflection)
introduction to portrait painting

3rd Grade
elements of art (“People and their Feelings”)
paintings by artists of people working (idea of distance)
concept of rhythm by discussing painting of various musical instruments

4th Grade
building on previously learned concepts
learn the difference between Realism and Primitivism in art works
French and German Expressionism
Abstract art, to bridge realistic and non-object art

5th Grade
Native American culture; how art plays an important role in their lives
Important artists from Mexico - Diego Rivera and Frida Kablo
Art of Japan