Music Program

Hacienda’s Music Program is known as a “pull out” program. All students, Pre-K through 5th grade get to enjoy coming to music class every week.

PreK-Kinder: one 1/2 hour weekly
Grades 1-5: one full hour weekly

Students are privileged to have a music classroom with over 100 instruments from all over the world! What makes Hacienda’s music program so unique? It is 100% supported by fundraising from H.I.P.S., Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff.

We are very pleased to have Ms. Monica Ulrich and Ms. Daniele Thompson teaching our music program this year. They follow in the footsteps of our most notable music teachers, Ms. Kathy Haydel (1985-2004) and Mrs. Amy Hahner (2004-2012). Ms. Ulrich began teaching in the Hacienda music program in 2011. Ms. Ulrich has a professional clear credential as well as a supplementary credential to teach music with a music minor. She taught in the Morgan Hill Unified School District for 8 years before coming to San Jose Unified School District. Ms. Daniele Thompson is joining Ms. Ulrich this year, and is from the Rhythm and Moves Program.

The music program at Hacienda is based on the philosophy that music, as well as the other arts, touches a special part of student’s development. Through various music activities, they are able to express their own creativity and to also experience satisfaction, accomplishment, self-esteem and most of all, joy. The following activities are important parts of the music curriculum:

*Learning to use our singing voices expressively with proper pitch. *Learning about orchestral and world instruments.
*Moving to music and rhythm.
*Learning to keep a steady beat.
*Listening to, learning about, and participating in other activities relating to “notable composers”.
*Playing rhythm and melodic instruments.
*Improvising and creating their own movement and music.
*Learning songs from various countries and cultures.
*Growing in knowledge of music notation and exposure to music terminology.
*Experiencing integration of academic subjects throughout the music curriculum such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. *Performing in front of an audience.

Since we are primarily a vocal music program, singing is what we do best here at Hacienda.  Singing comes easily for most children.  Give them a chance to sing and they usually will take to it with enthusiasm.  Hopefully, the enjoyment of this most important instrument will last throughout their lives.  In addition to singing, students have opportunities to learn to play rhythm instruments, hand bells, recorders, and many other instruments found in Hacienda’s music room.

Hacienda enjoys several musical events throughout the year:

Halloween Sing-a-Long - a school wide sing-a-long where students sing 20 songs composed by the previous music teacher, Kathy Haydel. All of the songs have a character and a story that teaches a particular musical concept.
Holiday Chorus - 1st graders and 2nd graders perform songs of the season
Holiday Sing-a-Long/Singin’ Reindeer Performance - a school wide gathering where students sing songs of the season and are entertained by their teachers, who perform as “Santa’s Singin’ Reindeer”
Earth Day Program - a school-wide outdoor event where students watch and participate in songs, poems, and skits about Earth Day
Kids in Motion - a school-wide outdoor performance held in the spring. Each grade level learns a dance, usually a cultural folk dance. They also learn a school-wide dance just for fun. Teachers and staff even participate by demonstrating a dance that they learn especially for Kids in Motion.
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Musical Performances - each grade level puts on a separate musical production at some point during the school year

Metamorphosis Chorus - 1st graders perform songs and poems about the insect world
Talent Show - 4th & 5th students can audition to be a part of this fun end of the year show where they can show off any kind of talent!