Star Party

Each winter, the Hacienda community throws a truly stellar star party. Planned to coincide with students’ science lab studies of the solar system and space, hundreds of students and parents come out for a special night of star gazing and cosmic crafts. The San Jose Astronomical Association sends volunteers to share their passion and telescopes so students can peer at craters on the Moon, distant planets and star-forming nebulae in the constellation Orion. Inside the cafeteria, students try their hand at creating star-finding wheels and other out-of-this-world, cosmic crafts. Even a chilly night is warmed by the hot cocoa and cookies on hand for this universally popular night of “far out” science.

This year’s Star Party date/time will be announced. Check the calendar for that update. All Hacienda families are encouraged to “beam in” for an evening of fun, rain or shine.