Do you wonder how to access our e-books? Your student can log on to their library account from any computer that has Internet access. Go to Once you are there choose Hacienda Science Magnet from the list of schools. From here you can browse our collection as a guest. For a student to access their library account and to begin enjoying our e-books, they click on Login in the upper right corner and enter their user name and password. These are the same as the ones that they use for AR. From here they can look up information about their accounts and begin reading e-books from “Follett shelf”, which can be found on the left-hand sidebar in our catalog.

To enjoy a book on a tablet or phone, visit the App Store or Google Play. Download “Follett Enlight” reader App.  Login using the user name and password information as described above. When asked to enter the URL, enter wbb43474 (the complete line will look like this: From here tap the book icon in the upper left corner and search Follett Shelf for a book you would like to enjoy. Once you’ve checked out a book, return to the “Follett Enlight” App and tap the menu bar. Tap Synchronize and your book will be ready to download onto your device to enjoy. To return a book, simply tap the book icon again and choose the option to return your book.

A lovely benefit of e-books is that they can’t get lost and they don’t get damaged. Our physical books are still subject to both. If you’re traveling over a school holiday, be sure to keep track of any library books that you take. Some of our books are very well loved and are in need of repair. If you find that a book from our library is damaged, please do not fix it at home. Please have your student bring it to our library and we will check it into the book hospital and fix it up. We have supplies just for that purpose. Enjoy a good book, no matter what medium you choose.

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