Hammer Montessori Foundation

What We Do

Founded in 2009, the HMF is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that raises funds to support programs that benefit all students, teachers, and families in our school community. As an official school-connected organization, we address needs identified together with our school principal and faculty, advancing the school’s aim to educate the whole child.

HMF Community Survey Results

Here are the results of the 2016 Annual HMF Family Survey

Who We Are

We are YOU! Every adult member of the Hammer Montessori community is a member of the HMF. Our work is led by a board of elected parents, the principal, and a faculty member, and is coordinated and carried out by more than 100 volunteers like you.

Get Involved

As an all-volunteer organization, we need you! There are variety of volunteer jobs to match your interests and availability. Volunteer opportunities are listed on SignUp.com - click the button below to find out more.

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Be Informed

HMF news and announcements are shared through BigTent and Facebook.

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Questions, ideas, or feedback to share? We’d love to hear from you!

No-Cost Fundraising Programs

Sign up for the following programs to have a percentage of your everyday purchases come to the HMF. It’s easy, it’s automatic, and it’s free!

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    Annual Reports

    Survey Results
    2015 Family Survey Report
    2014 Community Survey Results