Montessori Parent Education

Welcome to Hammer Montessori’s nine part series of Montessori Parent Education Newsletters.  Authored and/or adapted by Lynn Belmonte, these newsletters are designed to offer incoming Kindergarten and First Grade parents insight into the Montessori Method and their child’s classroom.

Topics include:

  1. New to Montessori - What to Expect    
  2. The Montessori Classroom    
  3. Teacher Conferences Montessori Style + Math Objects    
  4. Montessori Multi-aged Classrooms    
  5. Introduction to Montessori Objects    
  6. Montessori - The Organized Child    
  7. Montessori - The Prepared Environment    
  8. Montessori - Teaching Citizenship    
  9. Setting Up a Montessori Home


In addition, the Hammer Montessori Foundation, in partnership with teachers, faculty and staff, offer several parent education nights throughout the school year.  These events provide a great opportunity for parents to get to know one another and gain additional insight into Montessori teaching methods.

Want more information?  Contact Hammer Montessori at 408-535-6671 to setup a school tour or learn more about free public Montessori education within the San Jose Unified School District.

Hammer Montessori Learning Magnet | San Jose Unified School District

Hammer Montessori is a Public Montessori Magnet Elementary School within the San Jose Unified School District. At Hammer Montessori, instruction is conducted with each individual child in mind.  As a child centered/directed approach to education, the Montessori classroom is developed under the philosophy that all children are able to learn, and perhaps more importantly, all children want to learn.

For more information on public Montessori education within the San Jose Unified School District, please contact the Hammer Montessori office at (408) 535-6671 or visit the schools Website at