What Parents Say About Hammer Montessori


“Hammer Montessori teachings set the stage for my daughters’ organizational approach to problem solving.  In the school’s supportive and enriching teaching environment, my children have thrived and excelled beyond my expectations…”


“We knew we couldn’t afford private school but still wanted the best for our kids.  Hammer Montessori provides a unique, child-centered learning environment in a free, public school—it’s the best of boast worlds…”


“Being in the classroom and seeing how the (Montessori) jobs are used to make a concept co concrete, I can’t believe all schools don’t teach this way!”


“One thing we didn’t anticipate was how much we would love the Hammer Montessori community.  The leadership, faculty and families are richly diverse, yet untied in our passion for Montessori learning and our roll-up-your-sleeves support for the school.”


“I wish I’d have known about Montessori when my oldest was in elementary school.  I can’t help but wonder how much better academic life could have been for him.  The Montessori way of teaching could have made a world of difference…”


“Not living in Willow Glen, I was concerned there wouldn’t be a sense of community at a magnet school.  Boy was I wrong!  The Parent Community at Hammer Montessori is vibrant and welcoming…”


“When our child started kindergarten at our neighborhood school, he quickly lost his spark for learning amid piles of worksheets.  We transferred to Hammer Montessori with the hope of reigniting that spark and his learning took off like a rocket!”


“We love the opportunity for multi-age classrooms, which helps our child grow both academically and socially…”