Science Department Instructors

Namrata Vora, 8th Grade
Lally Rezayani, 6th Grade
Rachel Basore, 6th Grade
Michael Chew, 7th Grade
Melissa Duran, 7th Grade
Katrin Litte-Bowen, 8th Grade



Hoover offers a year long science course, required for all students. At the core of these classes are hands-on, activity-based programs. All science classes follow California state standards, which can be viewed at The sixth grade course focuses on earth science, covering topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes. The seventh grade course centers on life science, including the study of genetics and the human body. The eighth grade course emphasizes physical science, incorporating ideas like forces, motion and chemistry. The fundamental skills and knowledge that the students will acquire in these classes will prepare them for further education beyond middle school.