VPTA Instructors

Elizabeth Jordan, Drama, Stage Tech, Technology
Marla Hochman, Art
Rori Garfinkel, Band
Shelley MacAllister, Orchestra
Carol Ikegami, Technology
Sarah Stults, Dance
Victoria Arribere, Choir

Visual, Performing, and Technical Arts

VPTA Department - Visual, Performing, and Technical Arts Department

Visual and Technological Arts

The Visual Arts Department offers a variety of different courses to students at Hoover. 6th graders can take studio art as their elective. From the 7th grade, students are also able to have a semester class in Intro to Art and another semester in Intro to Computers. In the 8th grade, students can choose a year-long course in either Advanced Art, Multimedia, or Digital Video Editing, acquiring knowledge and skills that can enhance and assist them in the future in high school or for career paths.
Art Department
The Art Department offers elective art courses to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students:
- Intro to Art a semester course, is offered to 6th grade students.
- Intro to Art a semester course, is offered to 7th grade students (with 2nd semester in Computer Technology).
- Advanced Art, a year-long elective course, is offered to 8th graders. 
Technology Department
The Technology Department offers several different technology courses to Hoover students. These elective courses include:
- Intro to Computers for 7th grade: This course, offered to 7th graders is a semester in Technology, (and a semester in Art).  This introductory course covers basic computer operations, keyboarding, word processing, spread sheets, data bases, presentations, and computer research.
- Multimedia:  This year-long course offered to students in the 8th grade covers a wide range of advanced computer-design subjects:  computer-generated art, digital photography, photo-enhancement, digital music, pod-casting, movie making, and presentations.
- Digital-Video Editing:  Offered to 8th graders, this year-long elective course focuses on the art of movie-making, includes planning and creating digital video, video-editing, music composition, and design.

Performing Arts Department

Please click on the link to get to Hoover Performing Arts Hoover Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department at Hoover Middle School is dedicated to creating excellence in all students. With over twenty-five course offerings in dance, instrumental music, vocal music and theatre arts, students of all ability levels learn to reach for the highest level of achievement possible. Our faculty of six instructors are responsible for the daily instruction of over three hundred students. Every consideration is given to the development of skilled performers who will be able to use their talents in high school and beyond.

The Hoover Choral Program is a growing program of 6-8 grade students who participate in two different choirs. Music reading and healthy singing technique are emphasized along with music theory, music’s relation to world culture, andteamwork skills. Hoover students now work closely with Lincoln High School students and faculty in preparation for participation in vocal music at SJUSD’s performing arts high school. The Chamber Choir, Hoover’s advanced ensemble,travels annually to various destinations in California. They also participate in the CMEA choral festival annually.

The Orchestra Program encompasses two levels of string orchestra training. In the Beginning Orchestra class, students learn to read music, basic technique on a stringed instrument and have two major performances throughout the year. In the Advanced Orchestra class, students learn the fundamental of music theory, to sight read, compose and develop higher listening skills, as stated in the National Orchestra Standards. The students also acquire overall higher musical technique while enjoying making music. As an advanced student, we perform for a variety of events such as Christmas in the Park, Trace Holiday Fair, CMEA Orchestra festival, CMEA Solo Ensemble and Magic Music Days at Disneyland.

The Hoover Band Program is comprised of two performing ensembles; Beginning Band and Advanced Band. Students can learn any of the standard band instruments including flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, tuba and percussion. Through participation in these classes, students work towards mastery of local and national standards for music education. Students learn the basics of reading musical notation, instrument performance and group performance skills. Students also learn about music history and various aspects of cultural music. During their time in these ensembles, students gain skills and abilities that will prepare them for high school music ensembles. Students in each ensemble will perform in one evening performance each semester. Advanced Band students may perform at other school activities, as well.

Hoover’s Dance Department is a jazz based program that includes study in ballet, hip-hop, folk, and modern/creative dance. In addition to Beginning and Intermediate dance classes, the Dance Department also boasts the award-winning Dance Evolution, an advanced performance group that competes against other schools in the area as well as performs in many extra-curricular events including at Disneyland. All level classes perform in two dance concerts throughout the school-year. Look for these events in December and May. They are not to be missed!

Hoover’s Drama Department:  Students at Hoover are fortunate enough to have two year-long drama classes as well as a Stage Tech class offered to them!  Drama students learn self-confidence and self-control along with valuable acting and critiquing skill. The year-long Drama 1-2 class introduces students to theatre in the first semester. Important skills focused on throughout the year include improvisation, skits, scenes, monologues, one-acts, creating a character, and pantomime. Successful completion of the Drama 1 course or a placement audition is followed by admission to the Advanced Drama class.  In Advanced Drama, students continue learning and improving their technique and skills in theatre. The Advanced Drama class works in conjunction with the Stage Tech class to produce two full productions per year for public performance.  Stage Tech is a year-long course working on producing our stage shows. Stage, sound, lighting, costume, make-up, props, publicity and house crews work together to create the “magic” behind the scenes. Additionally, Stage Tech and Advanced Drama may work on touring productions and one-acts throughout the year.  The Drama Department is a busy and exciting place for our students to be involved!