Bonnie Spacek
Room H-214
Phone: (408) 535-6274
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
1 Social Studies (gr.6)
2 English Language Arts (gr.6)
3 prep. period
4 English Language Arts (TWBI gr.6)
5 Social Studies (gr.6)
6 English Language Arts (gr.6)
Advisory (M, F gr.7)

Bonnie Spacek

Mrs. Bonnie Spacek
English Language Arts, Social Studies
6th Grade
7th Grade Advisory

Hello! My name is Bonnie Spacek. I am excited to be part of a great teaching team here at Hoover Middle School.  I strive for our classroom to be a respectful and safe environment for all students.  Our social objective is to create an environment in which all students can learn and feel secure as they are challenged in their academic progress. We follow our school-wide behavior expectations of “Respect and Responsibility for Self, School, and Society”. The following information should help you understand my expectations for our learning objectives and social objectives.

Students have homework every night, Monday- Thursday.  Assignments may carry over through the weekend.  For example projects, missed assignments, or incomplete assignments may require extended time. The following are the nightly assignments that receive grades:
- Spelling
- Reading
- Vocabulary/Hoover High 5

Students have daily assignments to complete in class.  Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments or notes.  The following are class assignments that receive grades:
- Lesson notes (kept in binder)
- Lesson handouts

Students have tests or quizzes to measure how they are doing in their progress to master new skills.  Students will be notified about upcoming tests or quizzes.  Students may also receive study guides to prepare for the test.  Students are responsible for making up any missed tests or quizzes. The following are examples of tests and quizzes that receive grades:
- English writing essays, final copy
- Spelling tests
- Vocabulary quizzes
- Novel/story quizzes
- Social Studies section quizzes
- Semester final exams


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